In an age that prioritizes digital media, direct mail can be a great way for your business to stand out from the crowd.

As a Canada Post SmartMail Marketing Partner, ION has access to extensive geolocation targeting resources, helping to provide our customers with a highly targeted, cost-effective direct mail solution.

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Why Choose Direct Mail?

Direct mail helps add a physical element to your marketing strategy, something that has proven to deliver results.

Here are some reasons why customers love direct mail:

Extensive Targeting Options

Leveraging our partnership with Canada Post, the SmartMail program provides a number of ways to optimize your direct mail campaign to target a specific audience:

Neighbourhood Mail – send your message to a large group of people in a specific neighbourhood. This type of targeting is great for local businesses who would like to increase foot traffic to their stores.

Postal Code Targeting – our data driven solutions can identify specific profiles of your most valuable customers. Send mail to a select group of postal codes where your ideal customers reside. This helps businesses broaden their reach and expand into new geographic markets.

Personalized Mail – targets specific customers based on their individual interests. Ideal for businesses with products designed for a very targeted demographic.

Precision Targeter – ION customers can also use Canada Post’s Precision Targeter tool. The Precision Targeter allows you to filter through dozens of targeting options to make sure your direct mail lands in front of the right eyes!

The Data is In!

There is an abundance of data showing that when compared to other marketing channels, direct mail actually performs better.

  • 21% less mental effort is required to process direct mail than digital media. 20% higher motivation response compared to digital media.
  • 66% of direct mail recipients keep mail they consider useful.
  • 57% of customers say they feel more valued when brands contact them through the mail.
  • 47% of customers visited a store in response to direct mail.
  • 32% of people have shared a direct mail ad with someone they know.

In addition, direct mail provides the opportunity to add distinctive sensory elements to your campaign that engage the brain and increase brand recall in the future. Features like scented envelopes or varying textures on mailers provide a unique experience for the recipient, making them more likely to remember you instead of your competitors.

It’s Cost Effective

Due to its extensive targeting options, a direct mail campaign with Canada Post SmartMail maximizes the ROI of every dollar spent.

You can be sure each piece of mail will be put in front of the eyes of individuals who are most likely to take action.

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