As a Canada Post SmartMail Marketing Partner, we are able to utilize data + targeting to help you grow your business through direct mail campaigns. Additionally, through data-driven marketing across multiple platforms, we give your business the power to effectively target your ideal customers and maximize the return on your investment..


We have access to extensive geolocation targeting resources as a Canada Post SmartMail Marketing Partner and are able to provide our customers with  highly effective direct mail solutions. Canada Post Direct Mail can also be exceptionally curated for your customers through market segmentation, specific personalization options, and more!


Canada Post provides a wide range of comprehensive targeting resources that can greatly increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign such as their Precision Targeter. The Precision Targeter is an excellent resource that allows you to view interactive maps (such as the one above) based on demographics, specific routes, and more for your next direct mail marketing campaign. Click here to try the Canada Post Precision Targeter today!


  • Differentiates your brand
  • Adds a distinctive sensory element to your campaign
  • Evokes emotion within your customers
  • Allows you to effectively target your customers
  • Provides extremely measurable results


Create an aesthetic design or let us create one for you
Provide compelling content or let us provide it for you
Identify your ideal customer (we can help with this too!)
We print your high quality direct mail pieces for you
Your direct mail is sent to specific, targeted current or future customers
Watch your business grow!

Ready to Learn How Direct Mail Can Change Your Business?

    Your bussiness is UNIQUE your SOLUTIONS should be too.

    Our solutions are custom built to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Review
  • 01. Review

    We’ll thoroughly review your business needs, and actively LISTEN to learn

  • Evaluation
  • 02. Evaluation

    Our experts will evaluate what we can do for you. We’re INVESTED in your SUCCESS. Providing you with the best possible ROI is our ultimate goal.

  • Solutions
  • 03. Solutions

    You’ll be given a list of POSSIBILITIES for you to choose from, and then we’ll build out your solution together.

    Benefits of Direct Mail.

    Our solutions are custom built to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Precision Targeting
  • 01. Precision Targeting

    Choose from a variety of demographic (characteristics about how your target audience lives) and psychographic (characteristics about your target audience’s personalities) categories so that your mail always reaches your ideal audience

  • Great Results
  • 02. Great Results

    Response rates can be up to 30 times greater than email with 92% of Canadians reading direct mail

  • Extremely Customizable
  • 03. Extremely Customizable

    Personalize the marketing pieces you send to your clients with their names, individualized opportunities, and tailored content using variables. Connect with your customer base more than you ever have before, and benefit from the fact that 86% of Canadians open mail that is personally addressed to them.

  • Less Competing Traffic
  • 04. Less Competing Traffic

    The average person receives over 121 emails a day, not including promotional emails and marketing. With so many emails crowding inboxes it’s easy for your marketing efforts to go unnoticed. Direct Mail helps get your message to your target audience in a more efficient manner, helping you circumvent your marketing approaches being considered yet another junk email.

  • Build Trust and Brand Recall
  • 05. Build Trust and Brand Recall

    Consumers pay 39% more attention to omni-channel (it takes approximately seven points of contact with a potential customer in order to make a sale) marketing approaches, and direct mail is a proven way to contact your target audience.

  • Tactile/Physical
  • 06. Tactile/Physical

    Physical media is easier to digest than its digital counterparts taking approximately 21% less cognitive effort to recall. There is also the added benefit of increasing buyer motivation by more than 20% in comparison to digital marketing alone. Utilizing a combination of digital and physical methods customers are 51% more likely to make a purchase.

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