What is
      Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. By creating personalized and targeted direct mail campaigns, you can establish a tangible connection with your audience and drive response rates higher than other marketing channels.

ION's mail experts will simplify the complexities of direct mail and reveal how you can achieve a measurable return on your marketing investment.

Various styles of direct mail

Direct mail has many forms including postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, gift boxes,
letters, and other types of printed collateral

Meet Diana! It is possible to find out that she wants to travel to the Maldives on her holiday and send her a flyer with precisely the information she needs!

Diana can't resist!

Image showing diana's direct mail journey
infographic explaining the direct mail process

It is the

Power of Direct Mail

word cloud of different pros of using direct mail
Effective direct mail campaigns involves countless steps, including researching and segmenting the target audience, designing eye-catching mail pieces, and crafting persuasive messaging that encourages recipients to take action.

The Power of Direct Mail marketing cannot be underestimated. When executed correctly, it can drive sales, build brand awareness, and create lasting relationships with customers.
So, while the process may be complex, businesses can rely on professionals to take care of every detail and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

With the Canada Post partnership we have the tools to find the right people, at the right place, at the right time and deliver exactly what will drive them to ACTION!

Advantages of Direct Mail

of Canadians read direct mail

of Canadians who receive direct mail visit a store or a website as a result

of consumers make an online or in-person purchase after receiving direct mail

more time is spent by consumers when direct mail is integrated into a multichannel campaign


Less Competition than Digital Media

Since fewer companies are now involved in direct mail, it is easier to stand out. The oversaturation of online formats has led to an increase in the number of people seeking a digital detox. In contrast, traditional print products are a haven of tranquility.

An individual receives 847 emails on average per week compared to 7 pieces of mail. There is a significant difference, therefore your direct mail has a lot better change of standing out if it is targeted and unique.

Even is someone doesn’t immediately take advantage of your special offer, they may decide to keep it. Your business is more likely to remain top of mind.

Precisely Reaches your Target Market

By reaching every Canadian mailbox through our partnership with Canada Post, we have access to tools that enable us to deliver your direct mail to the inbox of your ideal audience.

Precision targeters allow us to find consumers with specific attributes, such as age, profession, gender, marital status, level of education, place of birth, ethnicity, social status, behaviours, interest, and opinions.

Personalization and Customization

Sending your clients personalized and customized marketing materials with high value content helps you connect with your customer base more than ever. Take advantage of the fact that 86% of Canadians read mail that is personally addressed.

Tactile, Interactive and Memorable

There are even more ways to get creative with direct mail because it’s tactile nature gives you the opportunity to engage your recipients’ senses more than digital marketing does.

Through our sense of touch, we can receive an infinite range of sensations. Customers physically handle mail and often review or take a glimpse at it many times before deciding whether to keep it.

There are countless ways to be original and authentic with direct mail to engage the customer. For instance, a message that strategically and interestingly targets their needs will appeal to your emotions and imprint in their memory.

Build Trust and Brand Recall

Traditional media like print relies on high quality journalistic standards. Consumers trust and feel more secure with direct mail than digital communication.

It has been demonstrated that you need seven points of contact with a customer to close a transaction. Direct mail is a potent instrument in a multichannel marketing plan since it can offer more than one point of contact. Typically, it takes some time for the person to decide whether to keep or discard the advertising mail.

Great Results

Response rates can be up to 30 times greater than email with 92% of Canadians reading direct mail.

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