Art Fundraising

Bring some color into your fundraising with a Connection in Color campaign!

How can Connection in Color fit into your fundraising plan?

Connection in Color Art Fundraising is an innovative alternative to in-person fundraising events, to provide your organization with the flexibility it needs! Our program fosters collaboration by catering to your community’s fundraising and artistic needs.

Fundraising Features

Ease Of Use

We make it quick and easy to create custom fundraising campaigns, so you can focus on on everything else


Run a fundraiser with no upfront cost AND earn up to 40% profit


Bring your community together to accomplish shared goals, through collaboration and support

Take a peek at our catalogue

Choose from a selection of products ranging from greeting cards to decor, to support your fundraising efforts.

What makes Connection in Color different from other fundraisers?

Ready to take it a step further?
Connection in Color is the missing piece to reaching your fundraising goals.

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