Art Card Fundraisers – A Fun New Way for Schools to Raise Money!

By Ivan Boychuk January 13, 2021
		If you’re responsible for gathering school funds, you’ve probably seen your fair share of fundraisers.

Bottle drives, bake sales, silent auctions, fun runs - and on and on it goes.

While these fundraising strategies can be effective, over the past couple of years a new idea has cropped up and has proven to be very....	

Why Print Marketing is Still Effective (and How to Use it To Your Advantage)

By Ivan Boychuk September 16, 2020
		In an age where it’s rare to get caught without a smartphone in your hand, it’s natural to ask the question, “is print marketing dead?”

The answer might surprise you.

In short, no, print marketing is not dead. Many statistics show that after a slight decrease in popularity with the introduction of digi....	

9 Ways Restaurants Can Use Print to Promote Their Business

By Ivan Boychuk
		If you’re reading this post, you probably understand just how competitive the restaurant industry is. Yes, there’s plenty of demand (everyone needs to eat) but it seems like there’s a new restaurant opening up every day.

This leaves many restaurant owners wondering, how do I make sure my restaurant get....