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Customer service representatives prepare custom orders, coordinate and communicate directly with customers and the ION sales team. Consistency, accuracy, efficiency and accountability are essential.

Flexibility is key as ION’s production team execute many tasks in offset and digital printing, machine bindery, letterpress, hand bindery, mail production, cutting and finishing. Organization and the ability to handle many tasks is a necessity.

Designers brainstorm concepts and execute various deliverables used for marketing, advertising, and branding purposes across digital, social, and print channels. Flexible and responsive to provide creative strategies and design is imperative.

Technical staff research reported issues, provide service, installation, repair and maintenance. Ability to problem solve, plan, propose and implement solutions, advocate software and systems to ensure that ION and customer standards are met in every situation is essential.

Adaptable, dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic and ready to execute on tasks. ION’s marketing team creates content, campaigns and multi channel data driven solutions.

Initiative-driven, results oriented team player with great EQ is responsible to build and grow new partnerships. This role ensures continual improvement of the customer experience through the ION proven process.

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