What is Web to Print?


Simply put, web to print is a service that allows you to organize repeatable print projects by using an online portal (custom storefront) to create, proof, and purchase print materials. This means you can print the things you need when you need them and enjoy cost savings along the way.


This is an effective alternative to printing in bulk and hoping that you guessed the right quantity of print materials. This helps to reduce the amount of dead inventory for your business.


For example, let’s say you own a book publishing company. Each year, the number of copies ordered by your customers will vary. In the past, this meant that publishers would need to over-order to make sure they have the stock required to fill the potential demand of their customers.


But what if you have a slow year? What happens to the excess inventory? Unfortunately, this inventory goes to waste.


However, with web to print, the customer places the order before the book is printed. This order is then passed along directly to their print provider and then the book will be printed and shipped out to the customer. This helps publishers print the exact number of books they need.


And it’s not just publishers that can use web to print to their advantage. Any business with repeatable print projects stands to benefit tremendously from web to print.


For example, a web to print service allows you to create custom templates for business cards, forms, flyers, and many other types of print marketing collateral.

Advantages of Web to Print for Edmonton Businesses


1. Fewer Proofing Sessions 


Most web to print providers will set up a custom storefront for your business. Within this storefront, you’re able to proof all of your print projects in real-time using a helpful preview feature. This means you do not need to spend hours sending emails back and forth between your print provider to make sure they got the design just right!


2. Reduced Risk of Dead Inventory 


The problem with traditional printing practices is that it’s very difficult to estimate customer demand. What happens if you order a thousand pieces of material, but you only use five hundred of them? Web to print allows you to establish demand first, then print what you need later, reducing waste and dead inventory.


3. Easy-to-Use Dashboard 


Within your custom storefront that is set up by your print provider, it’s extremely easy to initiate, proof, and purchase all of your print materials. The intuitive dashboard is easy to use for even those who consider themselves as technophobes.


4. Pre-approved Pricing 


Web to print allows you to negotiate pre-approved pricing for each different type of project. For example, you might arrange a set price for business cards, brochures, menus, or any other print materials your business needs. When you need to order one of these, you would simply select the required quantity from a dropdown menu within your custom storefront and you will be automatically given a price.


This saves an enormous amount of time because it means you don’t need to get a new quote every time the quantity of your print order changes.


5. Multiple Approval Levels


Bottlenecks are one of the largest barriers to productivity as businesses continue to grow. Luckily, web to print allows you to set multiple approval levels, meaning different employees can log in to your account and order print materials. This is great for businesses with multiple locations.


However, if the idea of giving several people the ability to order print materials makes you uneasy, don’t worry, you can restrict powers so that employees are only able to initiate each project without placing the order. The final buying decision can be left to you.


6. Serve Multiple Locations 


Ordering print materials for a business with multiple locations can sometimes be a mess. Not only do you need to make sure each order is shipped to the right location, but you also need to be careful to maintain brand consistency with all of your print projects.


Web to print solves this problem because it allows you to order all of your print materials from the same online portal and select the exact location you would like to ship them to.


7. Brand Consistency 


Within your web to print storefront, all colours, layouts, and texts for your print projects are saved as a custom template. This makes it extremely easy to maintain brand consistency with each new project.


8. 24/7 Availability 


Perhaps the best part about web to print is convenience. Because you’re ordering from an online portal, you can place an order at any time, day or night. For example, if you order a project after business hours, it will be received at the press for prioritized print the next day and the production team will begin printing it as soon as they can.

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Web to Print? 


Any business that has repeatable print projects can take advantage of a web to print service.

      • Restaurants
      • Book Publishers
      • Professional Services
      • Hospitality
      • Nonprofits
      • Construction
      • Safety

In fact, many businesses are taking advantage of web to print services right here in Edmonton.


For example, Hudsons Canada’s Pub came to ION looking for a way to streamline the ordering, creation, and distribution process for print materials across multiple locations.

They wanted a solution with fast turnaround times to keep up with their constantly changing promotions and marketing material needs. With ActION web to print, we were able to set up pre-negotiated pricing for all of their projects, creating significant savings over the course of a year.

ION – An Edmonton Printing Company 

Over the last four decades, ION has provided some of the best printing services in Edmonton. Through our ActION web to print service, we have saved some clients thousands of dollars per month and hundreds of man-hours!

If you’re looking to get started with web to print, we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Please contact us today to learn more.


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