Why art card fundraising is going to be your new favorite

Above all, marketing is results driven and needs to be effective. It needs to grab your audience’s attention, keep them interested, and provide them with a compelling call to action (CTA). According to Sappi Fine Paper’s Print &, “Marketers will adopt whatever tools produce the most effective results.” 


So what are these tools and why are they so effective? Well, let us tell you! 


Integrated marketing, a combination of digital marketing AND print marketing! 


Why both, you may ask? Both digital marketing and print marketing provide unique types of engagement with your audience and align with different, essential parts of the customer journey! 


In today’s ‘Digital Age,’ people and businesses alike are on a giant ‘go-paperless’ kick. Marketers are turning to digital marketing for all of their marketing efforts. However, they are missing out on a major opportunity to engage their customers and effectively drive them to action – print marketing and direct mail. 

1. Although digital marketing is an excellent tool for connecting with your audience on a day to day basis, print marketing provides a higher level of permanence and elegance and evokes emotion within your audience, leaving a longer lasting impression on peoples’ brains. These impressions are so substantial that they “can even be pinpointed on functional MRI brain scans.” Additionally, direct mail taps into deep-seated neurological processes that trigger action,” making it the perfect opportunity to close the sales loop by provoking purchase; “direct mail has a median ROI of 29%.” 

2. When you provide your customers with a direct mail piece, you are giving them ownership over something tangible. According to Canada Post’s Break Through the Noise, “Not only does [a direct mail piece] serve as a visible reminder to act on a promotional message or offer, but scientific research suggests that the mere act of consuming information in print format makes it easier to digest and more memorable than when it’s consumed digitally.” Direct mail pieces linger in peoples’ homes or offices. According to marketing expert Niel Patel’s article, Direct Mail: 13 Reasons Why It’s Not Dead, “Since direct mail is tangible, it sticks around. It clutters physical space.”

3. Direct mail marketing meets your customers where they are and allows them to choose when and where they want to engage with you. Unlike digital marketing, direct mail marketing can be consumed by your audience completely at their own convenience and by their own choice, making it much “less intrusive.” Furthermore, direct mail pieces, unlike digital marketing deliverables, are consumed free from distractions; the physicality of mail forces consumers to give it their full attention, even if they just end up reading the front page and then setting it aside.

4. Print marketing and direct mail marketing also give your business the opportunity to control your customers’ journey – by using eye-tracking, scientists have discovered exact patterns of what catches (and keeps!) your customers’ attention. Direct mail allows you to predict  exactly where your customers look and in what order to ensure that your message is as effective as possible. Through creative, captivating design, marketers are able to draw in their audience, take them through the journey of the direct mail piece, and prompt them to act.

5. Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is highly targeted, not only by zip code or neighbourhood, but can also be targeted according to income level, age, profession, marital status, membership, interests, and more! Marketers are also able to curate messaging and decide on campaign timing according to these targeted demographics, giving them the opportunity to provide an effective message to their target audiences at the perfect time.

6. Direct mail marketing also provides marketers with the ability to track exactly how effective their marketing tactics are. By using personalized URLs, specific QR codes, or specific phone numbers in your CTA’s, you are able to track which consumers read your direct mail pieces and follow the CTA’s that you include. This data will then give you the ability to hone your future marketing practices and only improve from there!

7. Last, but not least, direct mail pieces help you to achieve a very high level of connectivity with your current and potential customers. 73% of people say that they prefer receiving direct mail marketing due to how personalized it is. Unlike digital marketing, direct mail marketing provides a distinct level of personalization and creates a feeling of closeness and connectivity with your customers.

Sounds pretty good, hey?! If you’re ready to effectively reach your audience with highly targeted, data-driven, physical marketing, we’ve got you! Visit our site to learn more about our direct mail solutions.


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