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Strategy and Design

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ION provides tailored marketing programs for companies who want to
increase the impact of  communications with their audience.

We are ION Print Solutions...

Providers of innovative print products and direct mail services to businesses and brands who want to make a lasting impression on  customers and target audiences.

ION's roots are firmly planted in print as we have been a commercial offset printer since 1976 and a direct mail provider and Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist since 2006. In 2006 our variable print technology enabled us to create a high level of personalization on each recipients mailer – so helping our clients make an impact – but we wanted more. The result is an evolution from commercial printer to a partner in marketing fulfilment.


Yes of course we still print – Specializing in offset, digital and super-sized display format projects, but we now subscribe to a “solutions-based” approach. We explore a variety of means to enhance your marketing plan and to maximize your return-on-investment.


Our latest endeavour is an 8 step campaign entitled "The Elements
of ION" or "Chain-Reaction Marketing".  It is a proven set of data driven actions and reactions created to maximize your opportunities with clients.


ION investigates many means to grow your business including; data centric, one-to-one marketing, unaddressed and addressed mail; email campaigns; web strategies,- including PURL's, text, social media, display format products; and traditional print.


Our marketing-print strategies are designed to meet any of your business goals including increased brand awareness,

product distribution, client acquisition, membership acquisition or to bolster not-for-profit funding.


Cut through the clutter to get closer to your clients with ION's intelligent and effective marketing-print options.


The Eight Elements of ION work together to create a marketing program that is meticulously targeted, carefully integrated and highly measurable. The programs we provide are a systematic mix of direct marketing channels, that deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We observe how your audience interacts with your brand, and create an appropriate response. The end result is a chain reaction of marketing communications. Creativity, meet Science


Data | Strategy | Design | Print | Direct Mail | Integration | Automation |  Reporting


Be more relevant.

Every person your brand speaks to is different –different preferences, different behaviours, and
at a different place in their customer lifecycle.
So why say the same thing, to all of them?
We organize and segment your customer data so
that you can approach each person with the most relevant message possible.




Careful planning. Powerful customer data.
Multi-channel integration. Campaign mapping.

By harnessing your customer data, and using
multi-channel integration through our campaign mapping software, we deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Highly targeted, integrated, and measurable marketing is a holistic approach to communications for your business.



Creative design

Our designs are on brand, on strategy and on target. From the concept, to the type, imagery and layout, our design solutions are carefully crafted for impact on your audience, to drive real results.









Brilliant colour, traditional offset, digital and display format print to drive any sales and marketing program.

Personalized Print

Cut through the marketing clutter by sending your audience messages that are noticeable, personal
and meaningful.


Display format – photorealistic graphics on an extensive range of coated & uncoated media.



vibrant die-cut decals & labels

pop-up & hanging banners

tradeshow and display products

large format posters

vehicle & floor graphics

interior and exterior signage

All printed with eco-solvent inks

Offset Lithography – high quality and long run printing on the greatest variety of fine papers available



The variety products are endless but may include:

corporate stationery

books, booklets and magazines



business forms





Full colour and black
short-run and quick
turn-around digital colour
& personalized printing



variable mailers

business cards

door knockers


post cards


tent cards



Bindery and Finishing Services

ION will finish your print materials for greatest function and impact. Our services include binding options such as saddle-stitching, padding, wire-o, coil, perfect
binding – letterpress work such as die cutting, foiling, embossing and laminating.






All campaign functions – web, purls, print, email,
SMS, text, and social media are designed and automatically implemented based on time driven conditions or based on behavioural responses from the intended recipient.

Direct Mail

As a registered Canada Post Direct Marketing
Specialist, we distribute your print piece
(menu’s, catalogues, brochures, postcards, invoices, etc.) directly to your target audience, reducing
shipping costs, saving time and increasing efficiency.



Direct marketing consultants/campaign strategists

Ensuring the right messages gets to the right people

Best practices in database marketing

Database maintenance, editing and cleaning (national change of address,    address accuracy, and merge/purge)

Better return-on-investment than traditional marketing

Results tracking mechanisms

Strong relationship with Canada Post ensuring the best and most
cost-effective means of delivery

Comprehensive mailhouse services


ION's campaigns are so much more than a stand alone print piece or a simple mailer. Our campaign mapping software enables us to meticulously plan each step, beginning with the distribution of a direct mailer for example. Strategically conceived triggers then auto deploy a message via direct mail, email, text, or social media in response to a customer's behaviour, or actions, such as filling out a customer satisfaction survey, visiting a landing page, redeeming a coupon or dozens of other potential motivators. This approach ensures full support of your message from all platforms – automated to maximize impact and efficiency.


direct mail



Built into every ION direct mail campaign strategy is measurability.  Features such as barcodes, redemtion numbers, coupons, customer asks, click throughs on a website, etc., are all tools to calculate a campaign's effectiveness and ultimately ROI.





Allow Me to
Re-Introduce Myself…

The 5 Elements of a Marketing Campaign

that Changed our Game


Kris Chichak



It’s 1995. Monica Lewinsky is hired to work at Bill Clinton’s White House, a certain glove was deemed too small for the hand of O.J. Simpson, the popular tune Wonderwall is released, and the internet makes it’s way into public consciousness. Unless you’ve regrettably stumbled upon a campfire congregation screaming about how you’re going to be the one that saves them, none of these things really influence your current life; except of course, the internet. That little leap in 1995 changed everything.


In those days direct marketing really only consisted of direct mail. With mass adoption of the internet, email was starting to gain traction in the form of AOL and Prodigy, but it wouldn’t be until the next year that popular email services, like Hotmail, were created. Physical, printed mail pieces were the only way for businesses to convey a brand message to their faithful followers. Printing presses across the continent were roaring, happy to have a monopoly on the mass communications industry. ION, then called Dial Printing, was a standard offset job printer enjoying a steady demand for print products, but even then was ready to take on what the future had in store.


Today, the times have mostly changed. Wonderwall is still the go-to campfire jam for wanna-be “musicians”, and the Clintons are making an effort to move back into their old house (please behave, Bill). Businesses however, have changed drastically. Technology has created efficiencies in every industry, and direct marketing now includes mail, email, text, social media, landing pages and web. Staying true to our progressive nature, ION became a Canada Post Marketing Specialist in 2006, enabling us to send print marketing pieces directly from our facility to the target audience. In 2009, we adopted variable print presses allowing us to personalize each individual mailer. And now, in 2016, we have acquired an innovative new direct marketing software called EngageIT Xmedia. This software ties together our experience in print, love for design, and direct mail abilities with today’s most effective and proven marketing concepts: personalization, integration, and automation. Unlike O.J.’s glove, this is a perfect fit that enables us to take our customers direct marketing campaigns to the next level.


ION’s original offering:


  • Design - Creative design that is on brand, on strategy,
    and on target.
  • Print - Decades of print experience and state of the
    art technology needed to create fresh and innovative
    print products.
  • Direct Mail - An in-house mail service allowing us to send mail campaigns directly from our facility, cutting back on shipping costs, saving time and increasing efficiency.


With our old model, we were seeing two common problems with our clients campaigns:


  • Integration -  Also referred to as multi-channel marketing, integration in marketing is the coordination of several marketing platforms to relay a single message. We knew
    if we were able to build integration directly into our
    direct mail campaigns, they would be far more effective and efficient.
  • Personalization - Variable print technology has a high capability for personalization of a message, but the degree of personalization is dependent on the customer information available. We needed a way to organize, segment, and build on customer data in order to take personalization to the next level.


EngageIT Xmedia solves those problems, by helping add the following to ION Direct
Mail campaigns:


  • Database - A marketing database that organizes and segments our clients customer data to create an effective and informed direct marketing program.
  • Strategy - We observe data segments, trends and information and create a detailed campaign strategy with measurable objectives and several target audiences.
  • Integration - Coordinating the delivery of the brand message through several channels (mail, email, sms,
    social media, web) to maximize the effectiveness
    of communications.
  • Automation - Campaign mapping software gives ION the ability to lay out each message of the campaign, and the platform that the message is delivered through. The campaign then runs itself based on triggers and data.
  • Reporting - Robust statistics regarding a campaign's effectiveness and ROI.


The result is a direct marketing campaign program that we call Chain Reaction Marketing Communications. It turns the complicated tasks of harnessing customer data to create a relevant message, and integrating multiple platforms to maximize the effect of the message, and streamlines all the processes into one efficient program through automation. Print and direct mail drive a powerful integrated campaign, that leaves our clients with valuable customer data and unparalleled marketing ROI.


So if “there are many things that you would like to say to your customers but you don’t know how” then ION Print Marketing Solutions is going to be the one that saves you. Sorry for the excessive Wonderwall references, I’ve been trying to get it out of my head since 1995.


Chain Reaction Marketing Communications Explained

Talk to a Chain Reaction Specialist

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